Hi there,

I came across one of the Bunker Hill's bells located in McMinnville, Or. beneath the starboard wing of the Spruce Goose. Being a 20 year veteran of the USN, I come across these from time to time and there is always a story or two behind these bells. I hope this will help as far as memorabilia for the ship is concerned. FYI the only time I saw the Bunker Hill was when it was a test ship located at North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego and my step dad took me there to do some fishing - but I was more interested in the ship than fishing so we didn’t catch much so say the least. Enjoy the pictures and hope all is well with you.


Larry Lee

RM1 USN/Ret.

Note from Tom Kelly

I received the above in a email from Larry Lee on Nov 5, 2007.

Thank you Larry!

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